Photography: Joanna Szproch / Text: Anna Ross

„Not every single body is beautiful”

The shown series „smilefomedaddy“ is a project that I have been creating in the last decade in cooperation with my muse and friend Patrycja. Over the course of years, we transform from princesses into queens of life, conscious of our power and boundaries. This is a story about coming out of our shells, discovering our femininity and maturing along the way.

We are all the same

I am intrigued by the overall meaning of nudity and sensation it gives to me. A nude body is for me something honest and vulnerable representing a person with no additional layers. I come from a catholic country (Poland) and was always trying to fight my inherited prudishness, in the end, we are all the same.

Home of spirit and mind

I am not trying to prove that every single body is beautiful as I would rather think about it as a home to our spirit and mind, something that provides us our functioning and possibility to connect with others through our senses. Recently I also started to photograph myself and then I turned into different archetypes representing myself.

Vor Kurzem habe ich auch angefangen mich selbst zu fotografieren und durchlaufe dabei verschiedene Archetypen meiner selbst.


An inspiring feeling of familiarity

I am a very open person and give my subjects freedom, never push anything and create an atmosphere that they can feel comfortable with me. But I must say that usually, in most cases when it comes to personal projects, I shoot people that I somehow know – I choose my subjects because I am inspired by them, it must be some feeling of familiarity between us to show what I am inspired by.

Projects with ups and downs

I have a couple of projects that I am working on simultaneously, one about my romantic relationship which is very dynamic, and I want to somehow show it honestly with our ups and downs. Another one is with my daughter who’s turning 18 this year. Being a photographer and a mother, I have an extraordinary opportunity to portray the moment of turning her from a girl into a woman.



Born 1979 in Warsaw, Poland Lives and works in Berlin since 2012